Suenaka Sensei passed away February 8th, 2020. He was 79. He was a husband, father, Air Force veteran, and a life long practitioner of the martial arts. He will be deeply missed. It is his style of Aikido that is practiced in our school.

I have many great memories of the camps I attended and the time I shared in his company.

Just Blend Away

It's sumo, obviously. The lesson is still Aiki.

A New Year

We had a very traditional class last night. The warm-ups and stretches, the full taiso, then Ki exercises, followed by a series of techniques drawn from the 50 basic.

After class, Shihan explained his New Year's resolution is to return to the heart of Aikido, to explore the core techniques and the teachings, and to do it with a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the gifts the art offers.

If you were ever thinking of joining a Aikido dojo, now would be the time, and the Academy of Aikido of Arnis in Farmville, N.C. would be the place.

I hope to see you on the mat. It's going to be a special year.

Irimi-nage, Sort Of

When it's showed slowed down, you can see that the uke's head hits pavement, so he's out cold when the rest of the officers get to him.

Harris Shihan posted this on Facebook, with the observation that if the officer really knew how to do an irimi-nage, it would have been even worse.