Controlling the Center

Last night in class, Shihan was explaining a theory about one-point. That, in an interaction, there are three centers to consider. The first is your own, the second is your uke's, and the third is the center of the two of you together.

Later last night, completely unrelated, I was looking at an article on planetary orbit. We think of the Sun as a stationary object that the Earth rotates around. Something like this.

In fact, the sun is moving too. It's a complex movement, but it is enough to understand that the Sun is moving 514,000 mph in a movement around the Galactic center. Earth's center is trapped and controlled by the Sun and so, instead of moving in a circle around the Sun, it is following the Sun's movement in a continuous trailing spiral.

Once the center is controlled, it's all spirals.

Study thoroughly the principles of the universe and practice them.
--Koichi Tohei

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