The Civilian Conservation Corps and Cheraw State Park

In the 1930s the federal government put people to work in a program called the Civilian Conservation Corps. One of the projects was in South Carolina building parks and one of those parks was in Cheraw, S.C.

The CCC built two full summer camps at Cheraw, including the cabins, dining halls, meeting halls, trails, roads, and waterfronts. They also built the dam that created the lake, the bridges, and the access road to the park.

Here's a link to a detailed history of the building of the parks.

Forty years later, Suenaka Sensei started bringing his students to Cheraw State Park for an annual Aikido summer camp. The buildings are 80 years old. They are in need of major renovations. The facilities are rustic. The camp has the feeling that time has passed it by.

I love it there.

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