Classic Kokyu-nage

We worked on one technique in Friday's class. The tenkan kokyu-nage that our style calls the classic. It is also often called "the 20 year technique" because that is how long it takes to master learn it.

There's footwork and timing, hand position, movement, balance, four basic principles. About the time you are moving correctly, you're not positioned correctly. Get your placement right and you're slightly off balance. Blend well and now you find you've let your arm trail out of position.

And in all of that, you also get to take a lot of breakfalls, because at least half the time you're the uke.

It was a great class, focused and demanding. I don't pretend to have the technique fully mastered, but I am one class closer. Here's a link to what Suenaka Sensei has to say about the technique.

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