Learning and Perseverance

Here's an article by Kara Stewart, an Aikido instructor in Colorado. It includes some observations on her journey and some of the benefits she has experienced in her practice. I want to offer one quote because it is something I have noticed as well, plenty of people would like to know a martial art. Only a few are willing to do what it takes to learn one.
"A few months ago, our dojo had a booth at a health fair to share information about Aikido in general and our dojo in particular to any prospective students who might be interested.
One woman walked up, scanned the flyers, thumbed through some books, and looked at the photos.
“I want to know Aikido, but I don’t want to learn it,” she said.
It took me a few seconds to realize the profundity of her statement—and the nearly universal human sentiment it held. She wanted to BE a master of something without expending the effort and time necessary to BECOME a master."

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