Back to Basics

Ikkyo from a shomen-uchi. Simple, right? One of the very basic moves every beginner learns. As I watched Shihan teach this last night, here are some of the adjustments I heard mentioned to the yudansha in the class. The first one was directed to me, although I am sure I needed to apply all of them.

1. Think about your footwork. Step deeper and blend in behind your uke.

2. Keep the point you pick up uke's arm at the proper height.

3. Maintain orenai-te throughout the technique.

4. Maintain your center, take uke's balance at the beginning.

5. Complete the technique in one motion, there is no hesitation or pause in it.

This class was a gift from a gifted teacher. It made me think about all the basic techniques and what I need to be working on.

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jbarr said...

seems that there are several "20 year" techniques....