Movie Night

In place of class last night we gathered at Sensei Steven's home and watched old Wadoki Aikido videos, ate pizza and heard stories from Shihan Sam and Shihan Robin. Stories, of people I know, and of people I didn't meet, people that had come and gone before I ever heard of Aikido.

We watched video of Sensei Suenaka teaching seminars in Greenville and video from old camps. It was social, a time off the mat and outside the dojo. It reminded me that studying Aikido is an open-ended journey. Seeing Shihan Sam as a sankyu in a purple belt taking part in a seminar in Greenville tells part of the story. Sensei Suenaka throwing ukes while in the center of a randori tells another. Every step I take is in other people's footprints.

Heaven is right where you are standing, and that is the place to train.

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