George Leonard had an interesting life. He was a WWII combat pilot, an author, an magazine editor, and an Aikido instructor. He started Aikido at the age of 47 and practiced for the rest of his life. I discovered one of his books last week and just finished reading it. The title is Mastery and it is available used for less than ten dollars. The book explores the process of achieving mastery in any area of your life and the potential mistakes and roadblocks that all of us face. Here's a quote.
Learning any new skill involves relatively brief spurts of progress, each of which is followed by a slight decline to a plateau somewhat higher in most cases than that which preceded it...To take the master’s journey, you have to practice diligently, striving to hone your skills, to attain new levels of competence. But while doing so, and this is the inexorable fact of the journey, you also have to be willing to spend most of your time on a plateau, to keep practicing even when you seem to be getting nowhere.

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