Another Voice

When I started this blog, I hoped to be posting articles from everyone in the dojo. I still hope that will happen. Here's one:

So the other night I was Shihan's uke when he demonstrated a technique and I realized something.

When he gets ready to demonstrate something he just tells you the attack and shows the technique at speed. You start off trying to strike him and without knowing what just happened you end up on your stomach with a knee in your back, unable to move.

What I realized is that on the street, the guy that tries to hit you and ends up on the ground is going to be so surprised that it will probably take a lot of the fight out of him right there. When you are trying to hit someone you have a plan in mind which includes your fist striking the other guy's face and all of a sudden things go wrong.

I love doing Aikido and I'm very lucky to have all these nice people willing to share their Aikido knowledge with me.


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