Asking The Wrong Questions

Every once in a while, someone will ask a variation on the question, "Is this really effective?" Or that whole series of what-if questions, as in, what if he's taller, what if he turns the other way, what if he's stronger, etc., etc. We've all seen it. At some point in our journey most of us have done it, even if we didn't have the temerity to ask them in class.

In this article, James Neiman Sensei discusses these questions and offers an alternate set of questions. Here are some of them.
“Do you take firm action to improve yourself either in class or outside of class every day?”
“Do you take full advantage of what your teacher and school have to offer?”
“If you have weak muscles, do you strengthen them?”
“If you are quickly running out of breath, do you work on your cardiovascular fitness?”
“Have you trained the basic techniques 10,000 times each? How about 100,000 times?”

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