Reflections on Summer Camp

Shihan was reflecting on summer camp at the start of class last night and he said something I found interesting. As a husband, a son, and a parent of two young children, almost all his time is spoken for. He works to provide. When he is not working, he is taking care of the house and the yard, spending time with the children and his wife, doing what love and obligations expect of him.

One week a year is his. He chooses to spend it in Cheraw, S.C. at the Wadoki Gasshuku.

What is it about baking in the summer heat of South Carolina, staying up way too late, eating supper at 11 P.M., sleeping on a thin plastic mattress on a plywood frame, and practicing Aikido for 10+ hours a day that seems so valuable?

Come and join us. Discover the answer.

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