Gasshuku 2012

This can only be the first in a series of posts. I have so many pictures and memories that it will take some time to process them and see them become something I can share here.

 I want to start with one of my personal memories of the week. Early one morning a couple us were going to the lake to practice bokken and jo katas. On the trail we met Shihan Valerie, one of the senior yudansha in our organization. She stopped and asked where we we going with the weapons.

After a short discussion we invited her to join us. She accepted with a comment along the lines of, "Sure, that sounds like a really cool idea."

What transpired from there was a experience that could not have been planned. Her technical skills were freely shared with us. We had the opportunity to watch the nuances, to ask questions, and engage in conversation. I consider her instruction, the location and time of day, and the three of us practicing katas in unison on the dock to be one of the highlight events of my week at camp.

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