Kayaking as a Budo

My son Mike is a kayaker and has been experiencing a sense of oneness when he blends his energy with the energy of the river. In a way that is similar to what I experience practicing Aikido, kayaking makes him feel more awake, more alive, more whole. He sent me the essay that prompted this post.

Doug Ammonds, in addition to being a wold class kayaker, has clearly studied martial arts. You need to click the link to read the entire essay. I am only going to make a small quote.
So let us redefine what kayaking is as a martial art - it is not an art of war or of killing, not even a form of self-defense. It is something much greater – it is the art of living in the midst of nature’s immense power, endless change, and potential death, while learning to blend in harmony with all of these.
If you insert the word Aikido for the word kayaking, I think you a distilled definition for exactly what Aikido is.

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