When The Internet Overlaps With The Real World

We get to class and Shihan says, "Your last post inspired me. Whatever happens in class tonight is your fault." I stood there thinking back, what did I post? Then it dawns on me, it's the post on ukemi, with the video from the Yoshinkan.

We did sutemis. We did back falls. We did assisted back falls. We rolled forward. We rolled back. We rolled over each other. We took ukemi to avoid a strike, falling away from the punch.

One thing I definitely learned was that being an inspiration involves a significant recovery time.

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Shy Wolf said...

LOL, ASM- BTDT and got the scars to prove it! Gawd, that is funny. Thanks for the chuckles.
(one more chuckle: WV: 'probal', meaning 'it's probal gonna happen agin, too!' )