Take Away One Thing From Every Class

There's so much going on in every class.

Last night, Shihan called on me to lead the taiso. I could take away that I need to be ready to be called on to lead at any time. I could take away that Fune Kogi Undo comes before Ushiro Tekubi Tori Kaiten Undo.

Last night, the class was on tenkan techniques from a kokyu-ho blend. I could take away relaxing completely as I start the blend. I could take the footwork, stepping in and pivoting to position myself for the turn. I could take away maintaining my position relative to uke, so that I stay shikaku, on the blind side, and do not get hit or reversed. I could take away the best opportunities for the placement of an atemi.

At the end of class, Shihan made some comments and observations. He said that in a class like the one we had last night, where multiple techniques are practiced as they develop from one attack, there is a lot going on. Since it is impossible to learn everything immediately, we should reflect on the class later and try to take away one thing and really learn it.

I learned the art of the one thing. My take away from last night's class is that I am going to try to take away something from every class.

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