From Here to New Year's

Somewhere I had read an article about five years ago that talked about why Americans were overweight. There had been a study tracking adults over a long period and they found a very interesting trend. A large number of the people maintained their weight through the year, then gained approximately five pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That became the new normal weight and they would weigh that until the next holiday season where they would gain five more.

Even a guy who counts to twenty by taking off his shoes can see that if that trend continued for a decade, you would be fifty pounds overweight. Everything from today's leftovers, the extra cookies in the break room at work, on out to the egg nog punch at the Boxing Day party are all adding up. Come January you'll be letting the belt out a notch and it's not like most of us are going to lose it when the spring planting season kicks off and we're hitching up the team to plow the north field.

So I've set a goal to hold my weight even from here to New Year's. I'm at 180, give or take a pound or two. If I'm at 180 on New Year's Day, I can work on losing another five or so pounds in the spring. I want to train for my next test at 175.

Grandma's sugar cookie recipe will probably be my undoing.

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