Another New Teacher

There are two of us in the dojo wearing brown belts. We joined within a few months of each other and tested for our current rank as partners. Now we have each taught a class for the first time in the same week. Having another person at the same rank, going through the same experiences, is a gift.

Participating as his student in tonight's class gave me a better perspective on my earlier class. He wasn't perfect, he wasn't as confident as he might have been, but I was rooting for him. I could see something of how he chose to put techniques together, what he emphasized. It was a good class.

We both have a long way to go, but we both have come a long way, too. If I can have supportive compassion for my friend, then I should have it for myself as well, and that might be what watching him teach for the first time really taught me.

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LisaBarrett said...

you guys did very well. what a difference perspective makes in everything. if anything, being in the capacity of an instructor is an enlightening experience albeit a very humbling one, and one that really makes us examine our own process and growth. sometimes, its not a very pleasant realization. but then we learn that searching for results is really not the thing to learn after all, but the process itself is its own reward.
sensei joe