Almost Slightly Better Than Failure

My personal history with rolling is part of this post, so it bears a bit of explaining. Some people get rolling right away. They watch one or two, nod, and fling themselves into a tight sphere, roll and pop back to their feet. I was not one of those people. I spent weeks months struggling with rolls. First kneeling, then standing, back rolls, sutamis, and so on. A painful process to watch, a challenge to my instructors, and still not something that comes easily for me.

So tonight, with one of the newer students, during rolls, I offered a bit of encouragement along with my explanation of position and energy to make the roll smooth. Of course, having talked about it, I had to demonstrate. As I came back up, Shihan was watching.

He smiled, and said, "Good! Good! That was almost slightly better than failure."

If I ever write a book about my Aikido journey, that's going to be the title.

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