Another Answer

From another member of the dojo, his first submission for the blog:

“Occasionally ask yourself why you practice Aikido and watch your answer change” is an interesting exercise (with apologies to Richard Bach’s superior writings). It was an interesting discussion topic and great to see where other practitioners are coming.

Currently, my answers focus on learning to breathe better as well as to maintain my balance in all aspects of living-physical, emotional, spiritual, interpersonal, and especially during dynamic interactions with others. Aikido seems to be simultaneously reducible to physical self-defense techniques and expandable to a universal way of exploring life. Like any moment of our lives, it can be an easily forgettable monotonous minute or an immensely profound period of time that alters the direction of our destiny. Practicing Aikido is living life.

Self-control and development are currently my strongest reasons for my practice, what are yours?

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