O'Sensei's Training Guidelines

* Aikido techniques can be instantly lethal so it is essential to observe the instructor's directions at all times and not engage in contests of strength.
*Aikido is the way that teaches how one can deal with several enemies. Students must train themselves to be alert not just to the front but to all sides and the back.
*Training should always be conducted in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere.
*The instructor can only impart a small portion of the teaching. Only through ceaseless training can you obtain the necessary experience to bring these mysteries alive.
*In daily practice first begin by moving your body and then progress to more intensive practice. Never force anything unnaturally or unreasonably. If this rule is followed, then even elderly people will not hurt themselves and they can train in a pleasant and joyful atmosphere.
*The purpose of aikido is to train mind and body and to produce sincere, earnest people. Since all techniques are to be transmitted person-to-person, do not randomly reveal them to others, for this might lead to their being used by hoodlums.

--Morihei Ueshiba (ca.1935)

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