Brain Lock

Nothing complicated. We had just done one technique from a wrist grab and another technique was demonstrated. The blend and the lead were exactly the same. Now I'm not saying my execution of the first technique was a thing of beauty. I'm just saying that I got through it. With some instruction and several attempts, it rose into the level of okay.

So, after the demonstration of the second technique, we partner to practice. I brain lock. I look at my wrist like I'd never seen it before. My partner, in an effort to be helpful, says, "It starts just like the last one." Which was true, but useless, information. All brain function above breathing had stopped. It's a wonder I wasn't drooling.

Finally, after he went first, and I went back to the previous technique a couple of times, I got back in gear. It was a funny moment. I'm still wondering what my brain was doing.

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