Beginner's Mind

Let's take an example from childhood. Learning to ride a bike? No one hops on and rides away. You wobble, seeking your balance, turns are terrifying, stopping is worse. If you persist, though, in a few weeks you can ride. By the following year you forget that it was ever hard.

There's a lesson here for other things. Because we do forget that learning things is hard, or that we ever struggled with them. But learning to walk, to read, to swim, to hit a baseball, to solve a quadratic equation, to build a fire, and so on, were all hard in their turn. When we started to do them, we did did them poorly.

I came across an article titled Am I Tough Enough To Be A Beginner? The article explores this from the point of view of martial arts, but it could be applied to anything that you want to learn.
You can't learn to do something well unless you're willing to do it badly.
--Katherine Derbyshire

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