Everyday Life

From another school in the UK, an article about Aikido in everyday life.
Here's a quote:
It got me thinking about the how way we move our head affects our aikido. Balancing on top of the spine and held in place by a complex system of muscles and ligaments, the head has a centre of gravity all its own. When attempting to break uke’s balance (kuzushi) ultimately we are trying to pull the spine out of alignment by destroying the head’s centre of gravity. And at the same time we are trying to maintain the stability of our own head and upright structure.
It reminded me once again that there are two people in any technique, and my first thought should be about my own stability, before I start trying to interfere with anyone else’s.
--Mark Peckett


Shihan, "Attack me".
Student, "No".
Shihan, "I'll be ok".
Student, "It's not you I'm worried about".

*Found on the Book of Face*

Relax Completely

I might have some trouble relaxing if I was doing the taiso standing on the back of an alligator.

Cooking at Camp

The call goes out at the end of a class in the late afternoon, "Kitchen crew, go change and get down to the mess hall!"

Eight to ten people gather in the kitchen. There's not enough pots and pans, the utensils are a random collection, and the equipment was last updated around 1970. Still, every night in camp a meal gets made, rice, main dishes, salad, vegetarian options, food enough to serve a hundred hungry people.

It happens every night. Preparing a meal and eating together is one of the things families do.