We took a night off from class and went to a restaurant. Back from camp and it was time to celebrate the newest shodan in the dojo.

The journey never ends, but there are milestones along the way. Shodan is one of them.

Congratulations to Thad Locklair Sensei on his promotion

The Ulster Project

The Ulster Project is a program designed to help reduce the tension between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. It was started in 1975. Teenagers from Ireland come to the United States to host communities, live in with hosting American families and interact with each other. The goal to foster communication and break down the old history of violence between the communities.

The church communities in Greenville support an Ulster Project group every year. This year, one of the members of our dojo is hosting two of the Irish teens at their home and is active in the project.

This led to an opportunity. One of the activities that was planned for the group was a demonstration of Aikido.

About thirty guests came, the Ulster teens, their host families, and a reporter from the local paper. Pasour Shihan served as MC. Everyone from the newest white belt had a role.

If you have a Facebook account, all their pictures can be viewed here.


Camp II

There's a lot of ways to look at camp. This is how I look at it right after a shihonage

Camp I

The first thing you notice about summer camp is the heat. By Monday at lunch time, I looked about like this when I got to ice and watermelon.

Actually, this guy looks better. He's not sweating and red faced.