Mifune Sensei

Mifune Sensei, 10th Dan Judoka. He would have been in his 70s when this was filmed.


Here is a link to a short film on Kyudo, the art of Japanese archery.

I found this interesting because of the underlying principles discussed and the similarities to Aikido.

West Coast Visit

From Linda at Grab my Wrist:
I got to meet Steven!
We were fortunate to have Steven as a visitor this evening for two classes. Always great fun to meet Aikido from the other side of the country. Thank you for coming to play with us, Steven. It was a pleasure to meet and train with you.

First Time On The Mat

Every time you get a new student, you hope they catch the spirit of Aikido, hope they become a regular, hope that one day you will be there to see them test.

We had a first time student tonight. At one exercise I was paired with him for katate-tori nikyo. I applied the technique and the new student went down to a knee, then popped up shaking his wrist with a big smile and said, "That was awesome! Show me what you did!"

I had to smile, too. It was a great moment. I hope I'm there to see him test for shodan.


Shihan was clearly enjoying the class. No word yet from the uke.