Testing Day

A celebration of accomplishments and some personal milestones in the journey of Aikido.

An Answer to an Unasked Question

From Aikido Journal, an article by William Gleason about his journey in Aikido and his experiences studying in Japan under Yamaguchi Seigo Sensei.
However, I still felt something was wrong or incomplete. Neither the physical well being resulting from the diet, nor the knowledge of oriental philosophy really dealt with the matter of self-development or self-realization. Then one day in Cambridge, Mass., I saw a short and stocky Japanese man named Mitsunari Kanai perform a martial art called aikido. I was completely floored. It was like the answer to a question that I hadn’t known how to ask; it was both poetry and philosophy in motion.--William Gleason

Tap, Parry, Move

Get off the line of the attack, move from the hips.


50 Ways to Practice Ukemi

From Harris Shihan, a video demonstrating ukemi practice. This is smooth and fluid ukemi, something to strive for.